Tuesday, May 12, 2009

finally come back to my SWEET home dy...love "u"s

finally,i reach my hometown today at 10pm..
i m very happy to go back to my home 
because i will come bk to kuantan for 3 days only
afterward,i will straight away go to sing at penang's cruise until reopen sch
actually i m so sad with this..but no point.
i need to earn money to survive in the next semester..
i so so so so so miss my family.... ...
tot of can come back and accompany them in the semester break..
but i decide to sing bcz of the above reasons... ..
(can consider as travel as well in the cruise) :P
come bk kuantan for 3 days and go to sing for 15 days
then 1st june i will go bk to kampar to start my new semester..
i hope o the things will b going smoothly .. .. ..
i love you..my dear family's member..
hope daddy,mummy,brother eng eng,and 2 younger sister yen yen and wey wey..
stay happy oways..hehe :>

bernice tan

Monday, May 11, 2009

1st blOg..EXAM is FINISHED!!!!

i m very happy now..
this is my 1st time to write a blog.
duno how to describe my feeling at this moment.
because b4  started to type the words,
i duno wat sud i write.
i m jz write wat m i thinking at this moment.
because i have finished the final exam for the y1s1..
i already do not study for 1 year plus..
actually i was very scare when i just further my studies in UTAR of kampar(y1s1)
It is because in the year that i do not study..
i totally cannot consentrate on my studies..
i scare later i will wasted money..
luckily,i find back myself to consentrate in studies already.
"myself" means the bernice in stardard 6 til form 3.
i cant study over nite until i omos get insonmia.haha.
my look is like a ghost now..
darker eye circle and big eye bags.
i was studied very hard on tat moment.
I hope can extend this "spirit" to study until i graduated.
haha..happy finished exam!
hope can score with flying of colour.hehe

bernice tan